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Flagstaff Fire – C-130 #3 Slurry Bomber from Wyoming ANG

Spotted the most recent Colorado fire ignite this afternoon on Flagstaff mountain in Boulder today.  Spent some time at JeffCo Airport (Rocky Mountain Metropolitan  Airport) with my daughter watching the slurry bombers and sky cranes cycle through.   I always have my E-PL3 camera with me so I grabbed that and shot what I could in-between the excitement of a 2 year old seeing airplanes up close for the first time.

This first shot is a view of Flagstaff burning from the tarmac at JeffCo with sky cranes (type 1 helicopters) and other fire fighting equipment on the ground while a brief storm with high winds rolled through.

U.S. Air Force C-130 #3 from the Wyoming Air National Guard prep’d for take off after a short pause for weather.

A close-up of the slurry hose configuration and residue on the aircraft from previous drops.  Note the US Forest Service sticker on the side door.

Watching the heroes of the Wyoming ANG takeoff for another run.

Images can be viewed a bit larger when clicked.

© Curtis Lewis


The same night of the Supermoon there was a significant electrical storm that passed over the house. I would have liked to position the camera to be clear of the roofline but didn’t want to get too many water spots on the frame/lens in case it would have shown up in my images so I put it right to the edge. I still had plenty of misting but, nothing that messed with image quality too much.


Star Trails

For this first shot on the 23rd the lens is pointed West to include Venus (thickest trail bottom center) and Jupiter (just below Venus).

The second shot on the 24th I was at my limit of available space in the yard to get that Polaris directly above the tree top and it’s not too far off, though I could have used another foot. Orginally I wanted the Polaris positioned directly behind the tree’s mid section but couldn’t block out other yard obstructions to achieve that without losing the wide angle and I wanted to retain Venus and Jupiter before they were too far apart so I figured I’d save that for another atttempt. As it was I was out there with the pruning sheers clipping quite a lot of the neighbor’s encroaching bush and still had to shoot at 8mm rather than the 7mm I used the night before.